Ultra Bright 1200mm 18W T8 Fluorescent Lamps , 4ft Led Tube Light for Mall Supermarket

Ultra Bright 1200mm 18W T8 Fluorescent Lamps , 4ft Led Tube Light for Mall Supermarket

1200mm 4ft Led t8 tube light:


1. Efficacy 80-85lm 18w t8 led tube CE approval t8 led tube/smd 2835 twin led tube build-in import Epistar led, high brightness and low energy consumption.

2. Designed with up to 50,000 hour expected useful life, 10 times than ordinary fluorescent lamp.

3.Wide range of color temperature can provide almost any color

4. The LED lamp lights up instantly to full brightness, no noise, no light flicker or noise.

5. Eco-friendly, no UV or IR radiation, lead or mercury, or other hazardous substances.

6. This light is ideal for a wide range of applications,suitable for home,office, school,showcase,gallery hall ,boutique,meeting room and other places.


Advantages of Led tube:

1. No UV or IR light radiation
2. Instant “ON” to 100% brightness
3. Even light distribution
4. Unique diffused lens system
5. No glass or mercury. Polycarbonate tube throughout – making it the safest alternative to

fluorescent tube
6. Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 65%.
7. Shortest payback period of any LED tube on the market.
8. Ultra High Power LEDs.
9. Lasts up to 50,000 hours with a 3 years guarantee.


LED Tube Comparison Fluorescent Tube energy saving:

LED Tube T8 fluorescent lamps
Lamp Power 18W 36W
Total Power 18W 36W+8W(With ballast)
12 hours


18W*12 hours

= 0.216 kw/h

44W*12 hours

=0.528 kw/h

3 Year


0.216kw/h*365 days *3 year

=236.52 kw/h

0.528 kw/h*365 days *3 year

=578.1 kw/h

5000 pcs Lamps 3 Year Consumption 236.52kw/h*5000pcs=

1182600 kw/h

578.1 kw/h *5000pcs=

2890500 kw/h

Electric Bill 1182600kw/h*0.2USD=236520 USD 2890500kw/h* 0.2USD=578100 USD
Lamp Cost 26 USD 2 USD
5000 Lamp Cost 130000USD 10000USD
3 Year Use Lamp 1pcs 3 pcs
3 Years Total Cost 130000(lamp) + 262800

=392800 USD


=608100 USD

3 Years Save 215300 USD
Working Voltage 110V~240V 220V
Luminous Efficacy 80lm/W 40lm/W
Illumination Meet national standards Meet national standards
Environment Pollution No Contains Mercury Element Etc.
Control Intelligence control No


The brief introduction of our tube light driver:


1 . Own design driver, top chinese technology

2 . Passed EMC and LVD, bear 4000V high voltage

3 . High power conversion efficiency: >95%

4 . Starting time < 0.1S

5 . No stroboflash

6 . One end power input or two end power input options

7 . Just use our LED starter, no need to change wires when installation.

8 . Over current protection, over heat protection, short circuit protection. Safe to use


Tube light advantage:


1 . High lumens and efficiency

2 . 180° rotatable end-cap options

3 . Lumens efficiency: >105lm/W(transparent cover)

4 . Use Isolated driver, more safe in installation


6 . LED Starter for easy replacement of Fluorescent tube



Hotels, Conference / Meeting rooms

Factories / Office

Commercial purposes

Residential / Institution buildings

Schools, Universities

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